To Dawn. Please see your doctor/nurse and discuss hyaluronidase!
Excessive sweating in the groin area. Botox/Dysport (off-label) work wonders but are expensive.
Questions about sagging? Please see the Tip of the Week sometime this month.
Bromelain to help with bruising. All supplements can act as “drugs,” because they don’t exist naturally in our bodies in large amounts. Make sure you read about side effects before taking things! !
Budget alternative to SkinCeuticals antioxidants. Honestly, we’ve looked and just can’t find one as good……yet!
On tattoos and Becker’s nevus. Interesting idea. Hard to know if that’s safe yet!!
Scar on the vermillion border. Yes, this area is safe to laser with a fractionated CO2 or Fraxel (1550nm)
Eyelid surgery. Usually eyelid surgery is best performed by a plastic surgeon, not a dermatologist.
CynD – thanks for the heads up. We shouldn’t be linking to the old content so we’ll figure out what happened. Dr. I
To Depressed….please, please talk to your doctor, a psychologist, or someone in your faith. Depression is related to low self esteem, but the hair loss is just one factor.