To Kate – on the retinol 0.25. You may be having an irritant reaction to the base cream. Another version may suit you better.
To Amy – next blog is on your product confusion questions! :)
To Kate – stop the retinol a week before and for at least a week after the micropeel or microdermabrasion.
For women in their 60s needing a good moisturizer – try the organic Blueberry Soy in shop.
To Claire re pregnancy and skincare – really recommend antioxidants and glycolics which are both safe in pregnancy +sunscreen.
Bellafill – NOT SAFE – in my opinion.
To Droopy Eyes – Please just tackle the drive and see both a neurologist and a dermatologist for a 2nd opinion. Dr. I
To Denise – Microneedling – There isn’t much good science on long term effects. My vote is microdermabrasion.
To Mar – Try the Vanicream/Free & Clear line and see if that works for you.
For Dianna in Arizona – Go to the shop on our site and start with my regimen or something similar. :)