To Caroline. Please see a dermatologist!
To Mary. Have you tried an excellent organic moisturizer like the Eminence Blueberry Soy Night Cream? See moisturizers in our shop. :)
After CO2 laser, is a microneedling course needed? No science on this. In my opinion, not needed and wait 6 months to see the full CO2 results.
Brushes for Latisse. Yes..don’t use the ones they provide..wastes the product. Find an tiny, small one like the one the fake Latisse products used to have.
Obagi replacement? Zein Obagi started a new company called ZO. I’m still not a fan of products that rely on hydroquinones.
To the French Family. If the spots on her cheeks are truly cystic, I think your doctors are on the right track.
Using Replenix All-trans Retinol Eye Repair Cream on the eyelids. Yes…all eye creams may be used on the eyelids themselves.
Reducing Pore Size with Products. There is currently no skincare product that can do this!!! Retinoids help a little over time, but it’s minimal. Please read the blog for other ideas. :)
Can eyeliner tattoo be lasered off. Sorry the answer on this is ….generally not a good idea.
TNS Recovery Complex question. Use the TNS first, under all other products, including sunscreen. :)