Good derms in state of Ohio?
Yes......of course, there are a lot of good derms. I just can't keep up with this section. Board certified Dermatologists in your area will be also listed at the site. The American Academy of Dermatology! Warm regards, Dr. I
Had Botox and am furious! Can botox that was used too low on the cheek and into the center of cheek that has caused new smile wrinkles be corrected with fillers? SO furious with an incompetent aggressive doctor with just 4 years of cosmetic experience. Used botox too low and it pushed skin toward center of face and froze natural cheek when smiling and simultaneously added nasolabial and smile wrinkles. AWFUL. FURIOUS.
My sympathies on this. Filler to compensate for a muscle that is weak now due to the Botox misplacement, may not be a good idea. It could put more volume/weight where the muscle is struggling, and could make it worse. You would really need an expert to assess. My suggestion.......activate mentally (visualization) and physically those muscles as much as you can for 8 weeks. The Botox just needs to wear off.
Dark skin and white spots. Hi,I am dark skinned and developed white aged spots on my feet and hands,I don’t wear shorts or anything above my ankles ,please for some advise,thanks in advance.
Please consider that these may not be age spots. Many times white spots, in any skin color, may be Vitiligo, which is an autoimmune skin disease. There are also some infections which can cause white spots. Please see a doctor, if possible. Warm regards, Dr. I
Bell’s palsy and Botox
After 20 plus years of Botox use wordwide, there is no known link between Botox/Dysport and Bell's Palsy. Botox/Dysport can be used to help make asymmetry created by Bell's Palsy somewhat better, if your dermatologist is very skilled. Dr. I
Latisse and migraines
That may be reported, but we have never seen it in thousands of uses in patients at our clinic. Dr. I
Los Angeles fractionated CO2 prices
I need to fix those old estimate. 3,000-5,000 would be about right for a large city price for full face and neck. The "never need another one," I disagree. Even with a VERY aggressive fractionated CO2, you are only replacing 20-25% of the surface area. Also, we always age, so aging occurs also after any CO2 or facelift, for that matter. TY for asking. Dr. I
Flat moles on the face. Hello, First, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to give me some insightful feedback. Second, I have very flat small moles scattered around my face. I was thinking about doing IPL Rejuvenation but was skeptical. I am worried. Will there be any negative effects on the moles post treatment? Or, if there is any effect, will it possibly remove them? Thank you,
Many people get confused on this. IF the spots are true moles or seborrheic keratoses, the IPL won't remove them. IF the spots are spots are lentigoes (like freckles) they will generally lighten and disappear. Please see your doctor and ask which they are. Dr. I
Micropen causing acne cysts. Can the micro pen cause acne cysts? I hadmicroneedling done with the closed pen and radio frequency, 3 x’s.I am still waiting to see the commutative results although my face glowed beautifully for a few days post treatments but soon after, I started developing cystic acne on my chin. I wonder if it’s related and it caused my sebaceous glands to act up
Yes, and the reason I recommend avoiding micropens, microneedling, etc. right now is that there is so little data. We are starting to see reports of infections, scars, acne cysts in some microneedling patients.
Flat warts on legs. Dear Dr. Irwin, Several questions regarding flat warts, which I have all over my legs. 1) If I improve my diet etc and thus my immune system, will the warts disappear on their own? 2) If I had treated the warts when they first appeared, would they not have spread? 3) Are flat warts related to genital warts? Thank you for this webpage!
You're so welcome. Good nutrition is always good, but at this point probably won't cure the warts since they've spread. Please see a dermatologist for help. These are tough to get rid of on the legs. For sure though, no shaving, scrubbing, or picking in the meantime. This spreads them. Use waxing until the warts are gone. It's usually a different subspecies of wart virus than genital warts. Dr. I
Latisse safety. To Molly, I have a friend (age 64) who was prescribed latanprost opthamalic for her new onset glaucoma. Her daughter (age 36) is using it on her eyelashes! She said it is the exact same thing as Latisse, and if she doesn’t get it IN her eye, it won’t hurt her. She is an R.N. and works at a laser eye clinic that treats eye disease. She says she “is informed and knows what she’s doing”. I wonder if what she is doing is safe. She insists it is, but her Mother and I have some concerns. Do you have an opinion on this practice, either way? Please respond, I don’t want the girl to hurt her eyes if this could cause her problems down the road. And thank you, so much for any assistance and medical expertise you can pass on. Sincerely, Molly, Florida
HI Molly - thank you for writing. I would have her ask one of the eye doctors she works with. It's the same active ingredient, but is it the same concentration? I don't treat eyes, but this would be my concern. Also to think about, is she getting it by claiming to have glaucoma, which is insurance fraud. Dr. I