Drugstore Sunscreens. A reader asked recently about a new Eucerin daily sunscreen.
Bottom line: Better than most. Consider signing up for the Tip of the Week. One in August will be on this sunscreen in more depth. Dr. I
I have experience near perfect skin and complexion for most of my early adulthood and into late 40’s. Over the last two months I have seen a change in my skin;boil like spots coming up and painful. Very difficult to resolve through a good skincare routine. What do you think is happening to my skin and how can I return my skin to good health.
You need to see your doctor asap. It's possible you now have a staph (or other bacterial) skin infection. Also, menopause can affect skin! Dr. I
I was always told that vitamin a/retinol is a very unstable ingredient and needs to be applied at night. Lately I’ve seen serums that are to be used during the day that contain retinol. What gives?
It's true that it's inactivated by UV light. Most of the serums you mention prob contain very little retinol in the first place. Notice no percent listed on it. Perhaps use a higher quality one.
Dr. Irwin, I’ve been reading your blogs for years and love your advice, and informative information. What do you think of Heliocare? Thank you! CG
CG - more info than you want but scroll down to bottom line. sciencebasedmedicine.org/sunscreen-in-a-pill Dr. I
Fari – Dr. Danny Vleggar in Geneva and in France.
Can Retin A/tretinoin help a bruise resolve faster? NO!
Sadly porokeratoses on the legs is very difficult to treat for all dermatologists.
Any skincare product for the face is also safe for the hands!
For the Colorscience powder, the medium is pretty dark. The fair would be better for a redhead.