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Q & A with Dr. Irwin on skin care, skin health, and beauty: be the first to get Dr. Irwin’s answers to skin care questions asked by women all over the world.

Skin Health and Beauty Tip of the Week: Dr. Irwin’s free weekly tip on how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, from skin care products to cosmetic treatments to medical information on skin health.

Our Resources and Articles on cosmetic skin treatments, products, and skin health: get updated and in-depth articles and resources from Dr. Irwin. Recent examples include her Guide to Fractionated CO2 Laser Treatments, her updated article on Which Skin Care Products Do You Really Need?, and her Guide to Sculptra.

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Remember: Dr. Irwin has no financial ties to cosmetic companies or device manufacturers. She is one of the very few prominent dermatologists who can give you unbiased information on skin care and cosmetic dermatology.

FAQs on News Feeds (RSS)

What if I don’t have a news reader?

You need a news reader to subscribe to these news feeds. You can use an online news reader that works from your browser, or you can download software that runs on your computer to read the news feeds.

Where can I get a news (RSS) reader?

The main web portals, like Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, all have news readers. You need an account there, so most people use the news reader on their home page. Look for “RSS” or “Favorites.” Here are some links for you:

What are news feeds, or RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Or, in our preferred usage, “Real Simple Skincare :)” It is a standardized way to share content on the Internet. News feeds (or RSS feeds) save you the time of checking out all your favorite websites, because their new content comes to you automatically if you subscribe to their news (RSS) feeds.

How can I use news feeds?

Using an RSS reader, you subscribe to the feed from a website, then scan headlines to find articles of interest. If you find an article you like, click the headline to read the complete article.

You always have the latest content from Dr. Irwin because your RSS reader periodically retrieves the RSS feeds.

Can I use the headlines from SkinTour’s news feeds on my website?

Yes, provided you do not disable the link from that headline to