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A doctor asks a question about Botox.

Dr. Steve –  As a doctor you are always welcome to call my office number and ask my staff to take a message.  I’m happy to call you to discuss...

Is this Botox info true?

Wow – maybe this was a misunderstanding? ? It’s hard to know if that’ s what she really meant. A Botox injection between your eyes won’t droop your eyelids.  And as for...

Can Botoxing some muscles create other lines?

The muscles that causes the "11s" frown lines are the corrugator muscles – one on each side. Their anatomy actually varies more than you would think from person to person. ...

Are Botox and Thermage compatible?

She’s not correct on this one.  Botox is injected into muscles and binds there within about 6 hours.  Most doctors tell their patients to be moderately careful for 24 hours or...

What do I do about a Dysport mistake?

Okay – I don’t want to sound like a nag but…….. have you called your doctor???  He/she is the person who needs to hear about this!   And, yes there are...

The dreaded over Botoxed problem!

One of my pet peeves is over Botoxing.  It seems to me that many injectors really have a heavy hand and often less is better!  Sometimes much less! In your...

Can this Botox mistake be fixed?

No, unfortunately, you are stuck with this one until it wears off.  Trying to activate the muscles involved frequently may help a little. Please see my article on Botox Mistakes and...

Dysport/Botox mistakes!

To reassure you, the effects of Dysport/Botox are temporary and will resolve.  It’s difficult to predict the time frame but in general it takes 3-6 months to wear off completely. ...
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