Holiday skin hacks for the busy and traveling! 

It’s the holidays! That means time with loved ones, great food, and a busy schedule that can leave you and your skin tired or stressed. Don’t let your skin suffer despite the break in your routine. How? Try a quick skin hack during the holidays.

Skin Hack #1: Banish dry skin with the right carry-ons

For flights over 2 hours, save your skin from that bone dry cabin air by rehydrating with lots of water and moisturizer throughout the trip. Put your favorite moisturizer in a small container, and carry it on. Use your water bottle to put a little water on your skin and put the moisturizer over it. Here’s a great cream to bring. This blueberry soy organic moisturizer also doubles as aromatherapy. Let’s be real, those planes can stink!

Skin Hack #2: Increase needed blood flow to skin with quick exercises

When your circulation is sluggish due to not enough exercise, try gentle “inversions.” Lay on the ground and put your legs up a wall, or do a gentle forward bend while standing, and just relax for a minute. Shoulder stands (if you are used to doing them), work too. The point is to get your head lower than your heart which increases blood flow to your face. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, as well as the skin. Plus, getting your blood pumping will make you feel more energized, and the stretches might help alleviate tension.

Skin Hack #3: Do a quick home or work facial, self massage, and masque

Release tension and promote circulation in the face. How? Put a little moisturizer on your fingers and massage gently in for 5 minutes. Here are some great moisturizers I like and recommend to patients. Clean your hands before massaging your face. Use gentle to medium pressure. Massage from your brow line up to your scalp, then along your brows horizontally towards temples, then from your temples down the sides of your face towards your neck. Next massage your jawline, then your cheek line and upper lip line using horizontal peace fingers. Breathe deep and remember that you’ll survive the holidays. Focus on things you’re grateful for. If you’re interested in a masque, try the SkinCeuticals Biocelluose Restorative Masque, which isn’t messy. Reapply a little makeup after, if you prefer.

Here are some more skin care products I’m loving during these colder months.


Wishing you all a happy holidays and wonderful New Year.

– Dr. I
Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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