Warts – Things to do at Home

First, try improving your immune system by making sure you get plenty of sleep, eat a really healthy diet, limit alcohol and avoid reacreational drugs and smoking, of course. It doesn’t hurt to take a multivitamin and perhaps an extra 500mg a day of vitamin C. Decrease stress if you can. Often, especially in children or young people, the immune system will “kick in” and suppress the wart virus on it’s own.

You can also paint on the drugstore wart treatments – they all contain salicylic acid usually at 17%. Try a test area first before putting it all over. I don’t usually recommend the drugstore liquid nitrogen sprays – several patients tried them and either over-treated or under-treated the wart. If you go that route, use them carefully and according to instructions. NEVER, never shave your legs if you have warts there – only waxing is safe.

See Dr. Irwin’s blog on brown spots around the eyes.

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