What to Do about Bags under the Eyes

These bags are caused by several different things, and fixing them depends on the cause. It’s helpful to try to figure out what the problem is or ask your dermatologist.


Bags can be fat pads that are usually inherited. These often require surgical correction.


Sometimes fat pads that are smaller "slip" a little as we age so they are not in a good position and look like bags under our eyes. These may need to be surgically removed but often correcting around them with a filler like Restylane (experts only please), can camouflage them and make the area look smooth again.


Sometimes the bag is just caused by loose skin. If it’s mild to moderate, different lasers (or even eyelid Thermage if very minimal) like the fractionated CO2 or Fraxel for the eyelids may contract the skin enough that the skin looks smooth again. If moderate to severe, surgery may be the only realistic answer. If you have allergies, get those under control first!


See Dr. Irwin’s articles on skin issues around the Eye Area, Guide to Fractional Laser, Guide to Eyelid Thermage (wrinkles, hooding, sagging skin around the eyes), and Guide to Fractionated CO2 Laser.

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