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Home Remedies for Acne

I’m not thinking garden mud or egg whites here. I’m thinking things you can get easily without a prescription that aren’t expensive. At your drugstore or online version, look for a cleanser that contains...

What to do for oily skin and larger pores?

I truly wish there was a “home run” for large pores, but there are things that help. Good products –  here’s the link  and also here.  This blog post applies...

Birth control and acne! Help!

This is where you need a good gynecologist or to be an expert detective yourself because………almost all the oral contraceptives are slightly different and they can have different effects on...

What are the Most Effective Spa Treatments?

This depends on your skin type and issues but in general: Microdermabrasion or light peels are best for acne prone and oily skin Massage and electrostimulation treatments are best for...

Acne During the Holidays

Is it stress, all the chocolate, too much alcohol, too little sleep?  Or all of the above?  Hard to tell. If you are having a pretty severe holiday breakout, topical...

Can athletic activity make acne worse?

It depends a little on where the acne is. Sometimes back and chest acne seem to get worse with the occlusion by tight sports bras and t-shirts, but in general,...

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