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Post menopausal breakouts - chronic acne might not be acne at all! Try these things to figure out what's wrong. Dr. Irwin answers your skin care questions on SkinTour

Post menopausal breakouts, and other chronic breakouts.

I’m so glad you asked this! Because, many women suffer with post menopausal breakouts. It’s annoying and embarrassing. And sometimes breakouts can cause permanent discoloration (red or white), or scars!...
Is there anything new in acne skin care? Looking for something that works! Dr. Irwin answers on SkinTour

Is there anything new in acne skin care?

I get many questions asking me about acne skin care treatments. Lately someone asked if there’s anything new they should be aware of in that field? There are some interesting...
How to exfoliate intelligently - by Dr. Irwin on SkinTour

How to Exfoliate Intelligently

A couple weeks ago I wrote a Tip on the truth about exfoliation. Here are some things to help you exfoliate intelligently. There isn’t a “formula” because we all have different...

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