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Rosacea food triggers, prevention, and prescription treatment options - By Dr. Irwin on SkinTour

Rosacea food triggers, prevention, and prescriptions.

Rosacea –  what is it anyway? It’s an  adult onset acne that is often preceded by flushing, broken capillaries (telangectasias), and then pustules, bumps (papules) and swelling of the nose...

Botox at age 25 – please stop!

I’m glad you wrote because…………I’m hearing you on this and my advice would be to stop doing it at all!!!!    At 25, I’m guessing you don’t have a wrinkle on...

Outdoor jobs, excess pigment and sunscreening!

Please see this section in Skincare products.   There’s more you can do to help with this and ……….please don’t forget that HAT!! So many people have problems with uneven pigment...

Problems after a CO2 laser with scarring?

In my opinion, aestheticians and other ancillary personnel should not be using CO2 lasers.  CO2 lasers have huge potential to improve scars and wrinkles but they also have more potential...
Can you have beautiful skin if you have acne??

Can you have beautiful skin if you have acne??

Grace –  thank you for writing because I think many other share your concerns.  Bottom line – the answer is yes…… long as you can prevent any permanent scarring (indentations...

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