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What about the Skin Pen?

Here are my thoughts on Skin Pen and other microneedling techniques.  Notice though that the “science” that I’ve seen on all the sites and devices looked at ………is just a...

Retinoids on Your Holiday Vacation?

Can you Use Retin A, or Renova, or Retinol on Your Holiday Vacation? For you lucky ones who are going somewhere sunny or even skiing (if you don’t wear a...

On teens, Tazorac, acne and hair loss.

Thanks for writing!   I won’t be able to answer everything just due to the complexity, so please be sure to see her dermatologist in addition to coordinate and answer everything...

Is the Fraxel laser safe for persistent acne?

Dear Buddy-  A good question but NO!!!    The Fraxel laser should be used to treat mild to moderate acne scars and only after the acne has been under good control...

T-zone oily and cheeks dry – how to cope!

Okay   ……. a couple of thoughts here: If your nose is peeling, it’s not from oil.  Oil makes things slick and shiney not peely.   Many people with an oily nose,...

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