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A good sunscreen strategy for oily skin!

A good sunscreen strategy for oily skin!

This is a problem isn’t it – you’re probably oily by mid morning anyway, but the sunscreen just makes it a little worse. Here are some suggestions for oily skin...

When should acne stop?

I’m glad you wrote because I can tell you’re feeling a little isolated with this.  It’s true that acne is very individual in when it’s ready to go away, and...

Laser hair removal on the face and acne meds.

I have to respectfully diagree with your ??tech, doctor?? on this one.  Epiduo is a combination of adapalene (also in Azalex) and benzoyl peroxide.   Unless you are a very dark...

Products for over 40 oily skin & acne.

Thank you!    This is a tough one, as you know, because most acne products are formulated for 16 y.o. skin.   The best regimen needs to be customized for you, but...

Breastfeeding and Retinols/Retin A etc.

Your welcome!  I always think it’s good to ask your OB when in doubt but…………this Retinol concentration is unlikely to get into the bloodstream using a pea sized amount or...

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