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Filler around the eye area.

What is the best and safest injection technique for tear troughs? I'm so confused and want to make the best and safest choices.

Really stubborn brown spots.

My Dear Dr.Irwin, I am an asian female(55 year old) with fair complexion.Twenty Five years ago I got freckles on cheeks during pregnancy and was...

Drooping eyelids and eyebrows.

I just read your August 2017 blog post about non-surgical treatments for drooping eyelids. Have there been any new or better treatments developed in the last 3 years?

Sensitive Skin and Skincare Products

I have a question regarding a recommendation for an anti-aging cream for very sensitive skin. My 32-year-old daughter has reactivity to many formulations of moisturizing/anti-aging creams. Is there a product...

The Latest on Neck Tightening (#2/2)

Neck tightening has been the 'holy grail' of nonsurgical for quite some time, with good options for prevention of sagging by starting early, as in your thirties or forties, to...

The Latest on Neck Tightening (#1/2)

Anything that seems easy with not too much money, a lot of it isn't real. Before you decide whether to spend money on this, it's helpful to understand the differences.

Melasma, Sun Damage and Cool Hats and Clothing.

It’s peak UVA time in the northern hemisphere again.  That’s when melasma especially, and pigment in general get worse! What you can do to help your melasma and pigment problems:...

Does it really matter who does your treatment?

This a a great question, partly because I wouldn’t have thought of it.  So thank you!I The short answer is; it IS important who does it because technique in almost...

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