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Should I Buy the New Phytoceramide Supplements?

The main criteria for great skincare marketing is that it makes the product sound scientific and cool.  Plus the skin care companies want to sell a product that probably won’t hurt...

Itching and darkening of the vaginal skin.

I’m glad you wrote because this sounds very uncomfortable!   First…..itching almost always causes scratching …..and it’s the irritation from the scratching that usually causes the skin to darken (hyperpigment)  I...

The best option for brown spots on the arms and legs.

The sun damage and resulting brown spots and blotchiness that many of us have, can be improved considerably, including our arms and legs. But………….first: Don’t do any more damage which...

How much damage do tanning booths do?

So I really want to reassure you here!!  Two sessions will not ruin your skin and……’ve had many years of good habits now so your skin is probably quite healthy. ...

Too much hair, threading & PCOS – options?

As you know already, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) causes hormonal irregularities and often, increased hair growth in women.  Also, anything that repeatedly irritates the skin and the hair follicles, especially...

Eyebrows? What will make them look better?

Sandy –  thank you for writing but I can’t tell from your question whether you are referring to the eyebrow hair itself or the contour and volume of the brow...

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