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Really, really dry skin on the legs!!

Really, really dry skin on the legs!!

Hello May, there’s actually a gene that is fairly common that causes this skin problem. The medical term for it is Ichthyosis Vulgaris and is an old, old name that...

Herpes virus and cold sores – what to do?

Many people suffer from these outbreaks and they can be controlled usually. Remember that sores inside the mouth are “cancer sores” and they are different. The herpes virus on the...

Is there such a thing as the perfect lips?

There is a lot of discussion re “the perfect lips” in the media and magazines. There is ethnic variability clearly and after that …? Should the ratio of upper lip...
Help for sagging arms!! Exilis?

Help for sagging arms!! Exilis?

Many, many women have this problem. I completely agree with you that weight lifting is the way to start – just be sure the weights or machines you’re using are...

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