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brown spots

What can cause brown spots on the lower legs?

This is a fairly common problem in both men and women.   Over time, the occasional brown spot can gradually turn into an accumulation of these which can be unsightly.   Here...

Can Botox/Dysport make my hair fall out ?

Dear Readers and Friends –    Please, please take everything on the internet (I know this sounds odd) with a “grain of salt.”   For those with english as a second language...

Does taking hyaluronic acid tablets do anything?

Thank you for reading!  Sadly, there’s no evidence at all, that I’ve seen, that taking these tablets does anything.  My vote is to not waste your money.  You’re much better...

White Spots on the Body – What are These?

Please see your dermatologist or doctor for a diagnosis. White spots on the body are usually one of these things: tinea versicolor (overgrowth of a certain yeast), vitiligo (autoimmune), or...

Is There a Cure Yet for Cellulite?

The short answer on this is no. Some progress has been made on why it occurs, but all of the current treatments available have been largely temporary improvements. Liposuction is...

On teens, Tazorac, acne and hair loss.

Thanks for writing!   I won’t be able to answer everything just due to the complexity, so please be sure to see her dermatologist in addition to coordinate and answer everything...

Help for a red chest.

Since you’re only 16, I’m wondering if you might have gotten a really severe sunburn in the past few years?    Generally, red chests occur as we get older if we...

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