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Does Tanning Really Lead to Skin Cancer?

Sadly, the answer is yes, yes and yes.  The lighter your skin type, the more likely you are to develop skin cancer with tanning and this includes “indoor” tanning.    ...

Does Latisse Work to Regrow Hair in the Eyebrows?

While Latisse works very consistently and well on almost everyone to lengthen eyelashes, it is less consistent on eyebrows.   Some patients report new growth, some report just growth maintenance with...

Pregancy and possible toxic ingredients in skincare.

I agree with you that when you’re pregnant, it’s best to just eliminate everything possibly toxic you can.  It’s not because I have concerns about most skincare products, it’s just...

Laser treatments after chemotherapy.

I’m so glad you wrote!  It’s absolutely fine to do laser treatment after chemotherapy, just not during the chemotherapy.    And, it’s best to wait until 3-6 months after though to...

Brown staining on the lower legs.

Brown staining on the lower legs is usually one of two things –  sun damage – in which case the spots look more like freckles or, brown pigment (hemosiderin) from...

How to give up being a sun worshipper???

Thank you for writing because you said it better than I could probably!  In other words, you are seeing the cost and damage of all that sun now.  Most people...

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