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Melasma, pigment, spring and pregnancy!

For everyone……spring is here in the northern hemisphere anyway!   We are about two months from the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year on June 20,21.  This...

The grocery store, your skin and Covid-19

We all need to eat, so this is a real question.  I’m a doctor, and I love math and science, AND we also need to remember while statistics are important,...

How to beat Covid-19 hand irritation!

It’s a good idea to get on top of this now, because it will get worse.  When hands get cracked, they develop micro fissures which then are portals for bacteria...

Cold sores and scars, lasers and treatments that work.

The short answer to this is YES!   Here’s a two-pronged approach. You gotta prevent recurrences! First, let’s talk about preventing these because more outbreaks will just cause more scarring. Cold...

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