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I have a lump in the skin inside my nose!

Lumps inside the nose are fairly common and………….I hate to repeat myself, but although cancer inside the nose is rare, it can occur.   If this doesn’t go away in 2-4...

Smoother Lips

Lips over time are susceptible to sun damage and volume loss also.  Sun damage shows up as fading of the vermillion border and fine lines and loss of color in...

Five Things NOT To Do for Summer Skin

1)  Don’t get your leg veins fixed now.  They often look worse for a month or longer.  Wait until late fall. 2)  Don’t over-scrub your skin, which can cause irritation,...

Summer Insect Bites, Infections, and Rashes

Those pesky bites can really itch so take hydrocortisone 1% (non-prescription) with you on vacation.  Or if you really react, ask your doctor for a strong steroid cream like betamethasone to...

Keeping Your Lips Safe in the Sun

Lips get wrinkled, shrink, and develop skin cancer – all aggravated or caused by sun exposure.   Think of all the sunburns you’ve had on your lips! Put your facial...

The problem of itching!

All of us have itchy spots sometimes.  That totally normal!   And, those mosquito bites, flea bites and other summer bites – itch.    So for most of us, a little hydrocortisone...

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