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Get Your Best Results from Sunless Tanning

The whole key to this is getting your skin as smooth as possible before applying the sunless tanner. That means using a scrub everywhere, but especially knees, elbows, ankles, face, neck...

Five Things NOT To Do for Summer Skin

1)  Don’t get your leg veins fixed now.  They often look worse for a month or longer.  Wait until late fall. 2)  Don’t over-scrub your skin, which can cause irritation,...

Keeping Your Lips Safe in the Sun

Lips get wrinkled, shrink, and develop skin cancer – all aggravated or caused by sun exposure.   Think of all the sunburns you’ve had on your lips! Put your facial...

Renova vs. Refissa vs retinol

I’m a little puzzled by your question because Renova and Refissa are the trade names for prescription retinoids (not made by Obagi), similar to Retin A – the generic name...

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