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Keeping Your Lips Safe in the Sun

Lips get wrinkled, shrink, and develop skin cancer – all aggravated or caused by sun exposure.   Think of all the sunburns you’ve had on your lips! Put your facial...

Renova vs. Refissa vs retinol

I’m a little puzzled by your question because Renova and Refissa are the trade names for prescription retinoids (not made by Obagi), similar to Retin A – the generic name...

Sculptra and long term results.

Okay –  I’m glad you asked this because it’s important.    Your face WAS fuller with the Sculptra there.   Now that the Sculptra is gone, you perceive accurately that it’s less...

The New Under Chin Fat Melting Kybella

So what is this? Be checking SkinTour frequently as I post updates over the next 3-4 months. One issue that has been very hard to treat is fat under the...

Looking like I just had stroke after Dysport.

Hmmmmm……if the Dysport was done on both sides and both sides are drooping…. I have to respectfully disagree with your dermatologist.  If just one side is drooping, it’s possible that...

The best skincare after Fraxel or post laser?

Ideally, your dermatologist would give you very specific post laser care instructions and even provide the products post laser that you need to use.    Post laser skin is very sensitive...

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