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How to Cover Bruises

No question…..sometimes Botox/Dsyport, fillers, or even certain lasers can leave small to large bruises at times.  Often the drugstore/department store products are not adequate to cover. I use and like...

New Kybella – Treats Fat Under Chin

Is this a significant advance in the non-surgical world?  Yes! Is it for everyone?  No! Kybella is an injectable that was approved by the FDA for treatment of fat under...

Smoother Lips

Lips over time are susceptible to sun damage and volume loss also.  Sun damage shows up as fading of the vermillion border and fine lines and loss of color in...
I have a moustache line on my upper lip!

I have a mustache line on my upper lip!

See the information here on products that can help with skin pigment problems.  But below are some special suggestions per your problem. Dealing with issues on upper lip No hormones except your...

Get Your Best Results from Sunless Tanning

The whole key to this is getting your skin as smooth as possible before applying the sunless tanner. That means using a scrub everywhere, but especially knees, elbows, ankles, face, neck...

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