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Melasma, irregular periods and increased facial hair.

Please, please, please go see your doctor or gynecologist right away.   In some women these symptoms can be related to more serious gynecology problems like polycystic ovary disease or endometriosis.  ...

Is the Fraxel laser safe for persistent acne?

Dear Buddy-  A good question but NO!!!    The Fraxel laser should be used to treat mild to moderate acne scars and only after the acne has been under good control...

Help for more severe psoriasis.

Psoriasis is especially frustrating because our understanding of the cause is limited and because therapy is often just partially effective.   I tell my patients that there is good or even...

Is Triluma good for pigmentation problems?

I’m going to steer you to the blog content also on this one.   The combination of the 4% hydroquinone, plus tretinoin, plus a mild steroid has been proven to be...

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