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What cream would help with redness?

Okay ….so two things on this issue.    In general, it’s important to see a doctor for rosacea and get a medication prescribed like the Metrocream or gel or one of...
How to deal with large red veins around the nose?

How to deal with large red veins around the nose?

These enlarge with time, irritation around the nose and rosacea for the most part.   Pulsed dye lasers and powerful IPLs (NOT the ones sold to spas) are best for these.  ...

How much downtime is realistic for lasers?

I’ll answer this more completely soon in a post. Offices often vary widely on instructions for this and, of course, it varys by the laser. You don’t mention whether this...

Complications of microneedling – what should I do?

Thank you for writing.   Microneedling is new enough that complications are only recently being reported in medical journals and the lay press.   A radiofrequency microneedling system is different from and...
I have a moustache line on my upper lip!

I have a mustache line on my upper lip!

See the information here on products that can help with skin pigment problems.  But below are some special suggestions per your problem. Dealing with issues on upper lip No hormones except your...

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