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Can radiofrequency treat under eye wrinkles?

Can radiofrequency treat under eye wrinkles?

Yes ………..but with some qualifications. To my knowledge, currently Thermage is the only radiofrequency system that has an actual eyelid tip (can be used right up to the lash line),...

Peels – how deep is superficial, medium or deep?

I’m glad you raised this because it’s confusing to most women/men.   Most beta-hydroxy peel systems now are self neutralizing which means that there isn’t as much room for operator error.  ...

Self-tanners and lasers – are they compatible?

Yikes –  generally you want to avoid self-tanners for at least 1-2 weeks prior to any laser procedure.  And hopefully, your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeons office is giving...

Are home LED devices effective?

There really isn’t a lot of quality science/data on these.  The studies  that I’ve seen are small, not well controlled (pretty subjective), and usually funded by the company making the...

Becker’s hairy nevus (mole) – can it be removed

Unfortunately, the only way to remove these currently is with surgery.   Please don’t waste your time or money on any medications or creams.   Sometimes it’s possible to do laser hair...

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