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Are home LED devices effective?

There really isn’t a lot of quality science/data on these.  The studies  that I’ve seen are small, not well controlled (pretty subjective), and usually funded by the company making the...

Becker’s hairy nevus (mole) – can it be removed

Unfortunately, the only way to remove these currently is with surgery.   Please don’t waste your time or money on any medications or creams.   Sometimes it’s possible to do laser hair...

Problems after a CO2 laser with scarring?

In my opinion, aestheticians and other ancillary personnel should not be using CO2 lasers.  CO2 lasers have huge potential to improve scars and wrinkles but they also have more potential...

Can Thermage damage your eyes?

Thank you for writing – I’m sure others would like to know this!   The answer it no…….it really can’t as long as the tip itself doesn’t get put accidentally on...

My Questions on Dermarollers and Microneedling

Notice that the so-called “science” on all the websites and devices………is just a general description of a wound healing response.   It is NOT a description of any science done with...
Do chemical peels build collagen? Dr. Irwin answers on , a dermatologist's skin care blog

Do chemical peels build collagen?

You’re so welcome! Do chemical peels build collagen in the skin? The answer is yes, but not much. The very superficial peels just refresh the outer layer, the epidermis. Medium...
Can you have beautiful skin if you have acne??

Can you have beautiful skin if you have acne??

Grace –  thank you for writing because I think many other share your concerns.  Bottom line – the answer is yes…… long as you can prevent any permanent scarring (indentations...

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