What SkinTour readers are saying about Dr. Irwin…

Dr. Irwin,

I am so happy I’ve found your website! I am 22 years old and want to begin a healthy, budget friendly, wrinkle preventing skin care regimen. Please help!! I’ve googled and taken out tons of books on skin care; and it’s been overwhelming trying to sift through all the bogus expensive products, false advertisements, and the opposing opinions of different doctors.  Thank you!!

-Sabrina S.

Dr. Irwin,

I LOVE your website! Thank you so much for providing the straight forward science to counter the constant stream of clever advertising we’re bombarded with perpetually! I apologize if you’ve already posted on this topic, I discovered your site on Friday and have been voraciously consuming its content ever since. Is it true that sunscreen expires after a year? I’m fair skinned, 43, with moderate jaw line melasma and a little sun damage that’s not been flaked away with IPLs. (I did not know IPLs were’t recommended for folks with melasma-oops!) I’ve been religiously using Revision Intellishade SPF 45 tinted moisturizer everyday (which I think is a GREAT product except that it falls short of your zinc oxide bar as is only 2%.) So I’m wondering if it’s okay to use the sunscreen I was using before I switched (Anthelios 60 and Skinceuticals daily sun defence SPF 20), or if I should chuck them, mortgage the house, and invest in new sunscreen?

-Faithfully yours, Karen

Dr. Irwin,

I want to thank you for having such a big heart and for caring about people so deeply. The information that you provide on SkinTour is absolutely priceless. It is almost impossible to find honest & accurate information regarding skin problems, treatment options & skincare. It is rare to find someone who is committed to excellence the way that you are (I’m sure you are a bit of a perfectionist as it seems you are always striving for the best). 🙂

I have been reading SkinTour and have wanted to send you an email for a long time. Today, I read your blog answer to the mother with a 17 ½ year old daughter who is suffering from acne. It reminded me of my son who suffered from a severe case of cystic acne when he was 16. It lasted over a year and was extremely traumatic for him (and for me as well). He was put on Isotretinoin, which resolved most of his cystic acne but also caused him to have severe uncontrollable anger. As a mother, I know exactly what it feels like trying to navigate a serious medical issue without the proper medical training. Although I spent hours and hours researching– trying to find answers to cure his acne and reduce his scar potential– I couldn’t seem to help him. I felt lost and out-of-control. Today, after I read your answer to the mother of the 17 ½ year old, I had to stop my busy life and write you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing your best to help all of us. Thank you especially for reaching out to help a desperate mother that is trying to do everything she can to help her daughter. I believe that sometimes medical professionals forget how difficult it is for us lay people (clearly you are different). Thank you for being tender and compassionate with her (as well as providing her great advice).

When you lay your head down on your pillow at night, I hope you remember that you make an incredible difference in the lives of others. It is obvious that it’s not all about the money for you—it’s clear that you are committed to being the best you can be and that you are committed to helping others.

I know that I can speak for many of the others who read your blog when I tell you this…

We appreciate you. You inspire us, not only to do our best, but to give back to our community as well. Thank you for your compassion, your commitment to excellence, and your dedication to help others. You have a heart of gold. We wish there were more like you.



Thanks for your time, your wonderful website, your weekly newsletter and most importantly- your honestly!

-Leslie M.

Thank you for your wonderful Skin Tour site.  It has been very difficult to research anti-aging products without feeling like you’re being sold a product. Your honesty is very refreshing and I will recommend your site to my friends.

-Sharon T.

I love the site and came across it by accident.  I have learned so much and visit regularly before selecting face care products. I am currently completing my education in Radiology and will be moving to the Seattle area. I have been so impressed with Dr. Irwin that I plan to become a patient of hers in the near future.

-Shelley M.

I think it’s a great website. It’s really nice to find answers to so many confusing questions.

-Carla B.

The site is wonderful and I appreciate how informative the website is and how much I’ve learned since joining.  Thank you so much!

-Mark S.

I think this site is very good.  It answers a lot of my questions regarding non-invasive procedures available to improve areas on the face and hands.  I intend to have some of these procedures performed- preferably by you.

-Megan M.

The skin care on a budget and streamlining the skin care routine is very helpful!  We all want great results that are affordable and don’t take a lot of time.  I am willing ot spend money, but I want it to be on essential/critical items. Thanks!

-Jennifer M.

Absolutely love SkinTour! If I move to Seattle, I would love to become a patient. I like seeing what products you actually use and believe are worth the money.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to listen to an objective opinion!

-Leah C.

I like this website.  I like it because it really sounds like Dr. Irwin has written the material and I appreciate her candor and her professional opinion.  The cosmetic industry makes zillions on baseless claims. We need more voices of reason!

-Dave T.

I enjoy this website.  It is full of information and I have used her advice in many product selections that I have purchased.  Too much information is overload and what she offers is to the point and straight forward!

-Katie G.

I like it a lot, you are doing a great job.

-Laura L.

Love it! Thank you so much for all of your helpful information!

-Emily P.

I love the product recommendations and reviews! I think that they are so helpful!

-Jessica K.

I love SkinTour! Dr. Irwin is very prompt in answering questions. I would love to see more live demonstrations!

-Sabrina M.

This site is wonderful! I appreciate how informative the website is and how much I’ve learned since joining.  Thank you so much!

-Billie B.

SkinTour is great! Love the website and the easy, comfortable way Dr. Irwin addresses issues on camera.

-Beth H.

Can’t think of any improvements that I would suggest- this site is informative and easy to navigate!

-Tom A

What a beautiful resource for us! Thank you for sharing your expertise in such an objective, tangible and gracious way. Blessings to you Dr. Irwin.

-Bette N.

I think SkinTour is very informative and I am very satisfied with the fact that I control what I open and read. Her emails come at good intervals and I don’t feel like I’m having information or products pushed on me.

-Lorraine K.

It is fantastic! Great site- I follow and read regularly.

-Gina B.

I would like to see live chat sessions with Dr. Irwin, that would be great! I am an avid follower and she did answer one question of mine, but as I started using her products- I have more questions!  I love her videos as well. I see a dermatologist in Denver but I love her site and would consider flying to Seattle to see her. I have been working on keeping up my appearance for years and I just love her website!

-Suzanne W.

I think this is an excellent site. The best I have seen. It has answered so many important questions!

-Judi L.

PERFECT! Wish you could answer all of my questions. Love, Love, Love SkinTour.com. I haven’t ruled out flying to Seattle to become a patient yet either!

-Joanne K.

Very Informative! Thanks for all that you do- I don’t think that anything needs to be changed on this site! I don’t think that it could get any better.

-Nancy B.

I love this website!! Thank you for all your hard work! You are helping so many people by sharing your education, knowledge and experience. Thank you!

-Anne E.

Hello Doctor Irwin, I love your site and have followed your recommendations on many occasions with great success, so thanks for doing it! THANK YOU!!

-Molly P.

Hi Dr Irwin and staff.  You’re doing a wonderful job with your message.  I also recall Dr. Irwin saying, I think to some teen at a grocery store, that she would treat him for his cystic acne for free, so that the kid doesn’t end up with permanent scarring.  I wish I had met someone like this.  I didn’t get treated when I had the need as a young adult in this country, (as a teen I had pretty skin while living in my home country.)  I have permanent scarring, and to be brutally honest, it sucks big time.  I’m sure with age it will look even uglier.  I see lots of teens with acne, and I bet enough of it can be attributed to how toxic life has become in different ways.  I’m glad to see that you as medical professionals acknowledge this issue, and how big of an effect it does have on an individual’s well being and are ready to treat it.

-Mila S.

Dear beautiful Dr. Irwin,

Your site is wonderfully helpful on such a huge range of topics and issues! I am a 30 year old Australian woman who has spent countless hours online trying to understand why some dermatologists suggest it’s okay to use vitamin C serum in the morning (as it will combat ROS damage as it occurs) and others say it must be used at night in order for it to penetrate the cells and fight ROS/free radical damage ALREADY accumulated in the skin. I understand that this is not a life threatening issue and probably just a technicality but this cellex-c stuff is very expensive and I may as well ensure correct usage. I would apply it morning and night to aim for both benefits but the bottle stictly suggests apply once per 24 hours only to avoid irritation. i use a retin-a cream .05% at night too. I am beginning to think the vitamin C and the tretinoin probably have the same clinical benefits anyways, so retin-a at night and C in the morning is probably..fine? Thoughts? Cheers!

-Crystal S.

I have Asian skin and have been struggling with melasma for about 10 years now. I have seen a number of dermatologists in London but none of them have had much experience with melasma / Asian skin types. Having done a lot of my own research on this condition, I found the information on melasma on your website to be extremely comprehensive and would very much appreciate if you could advise a dermatologist in London who specializes in treatment of melasma for Asian skin types. Thanks in advance for your help on this.

-Haley M.

 After searching for info, your web site is the most informative so far. Thank you for the time you have spent educating us folks who still want to look their best. Wish you could be my Doctor!

-Jessica P.

Hi Dr. Irwin,
Your website has become my skin care bible- what a wonderful resource- thank you!

-Amy L.

Dear Dr. Irwin, I’m so confused about whether topically applied alcohol (e.g., in skin products) can accelerate skin damage and aging. Paula Begoun is completely against it and cites several studies to support her view. In fact, she rated the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel that you use and recommend “Poor” because of its alcohol content. In your book, which is wonderful by the way, you say to avoid products that have alcohol in the first five ingredients (page 11).

But Paula isn’t a dermatologist whereas you are, and I doubt you’d apply something to your face every night if it were so bad for you! Can you set the record straight how bad (or not) it is to use skin products containing alcohol?

Thank you SO MUCH for being an island of enlightenment and integrity amidst an ocean of confusion and conflicts of interest.

-Jane D.