broken blood vessels on nose

Nose Issues: Broken Blood Vessels on Nose, Redness

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Broken blood vessels on nose or red veins around nose

Having redness or broken blood vessels on your nose does not necessarily mean that you are an alcoholic, contrary to popular myth. Often people with Celt genes develop redness or even broken blood vessels on nose and other areas of the face, but it can happen to anyone. These changes can be caused by rosacea, sun damage, allergies (lots of nose blowing), or even some systemic diseases, like lupus.

You will need a doctor to help you figure out the cause of the redness or broken blood vessels on your nose. If redness is due to rosacea, the first step may be to look at lifestyle changes, like decreasing coffee or red wine consumption.  But there are many effective treatments available for rosacea, so see your dermatologist.

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If the redness is due to sun damage, or you have rosacea, you may want to consider laser treatments to reduce the redness or enlarged nose blood vessels. The cost of laser treatments ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 for a series of four to six treatments depending on how much redness you have and how large the area is that needs to be treated. The full face laser treatment cost will be more than just treating your nose.

The results are usually excellent.  A series takes 3-6 months to complete, and you will need maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

Scrunch and squint lines around the nose

We talked about these scrunch and squint lines in the section on the forehead. These are essentially lines that come from scrunching up your nose and squinting your eyes. The lines on top of the nose are usually referred to as scrunch lines and the ones on the side of the nose are commonly called bunny lines.

Usually these lines are being treated when other areas are being treated, so the cost for these areas would be included in the total.  You will get excellent results with Botox for nose.

Juvederm for nose and Restylane for nose (both hyaluronic acid fillers) can be used under these lines to improve the result even further.  Or, the fillers can be used instead of Botox, but the result won’t be quite as nice.

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