Are doctors diluting fillers with water?

I was discussing facial fillers with a friend. She mentioned that her Dr.told her that some doctors dilute fillers w/ water. So, beware and watch when the syringes are being illed. Is this possible? Or just a ploy to keep customers? What is your opinion? I am a little concerned about this. I never bother watching the syringes being prepared.

The answer to this is yes…….in some cirucumstances (for a good reason) but here’s what to watch out for!

In my opinion, in the U.S. only the FDA approved fillers should be used (it’s different in Europe, Canada, S. America, Asia, India etc.)   Those fillers come in a single unit syringe – most of them in a “whole” syringe but a few of them offer “half syringes.”   When you purchase a filler treatment, the entire syringe of whichever one, should be used.    In our office, we do not “save” partial syringes (because these are not sterile anymore).  The whole syringe always gets used.

Having said that, many advanced aesthetic doctors (and sometimes nurses), will take part of that syringe, put it in a separate syringe and thin it just a little to get a better effect, for example around the eye area.   This “thinning” (done with sterile medical saline solution), allows a better result.   But…….the entire syringe is used……just part of it thicker and part of it thinner.     I hope that makes sense.  If we do that, for a certain effect, we always explain that to our patients.

I suppose unethical doctors could not use some of it, but what would they save it for??  I’m not sure why anyone would do this………..but if you are suspicious, just ask the doctor directly!

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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