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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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What can cause brown spots on the lower legs?
This is a fairly common problem in both men and women.   Over time, the occasional brown spot can gradually turn into an accumulation of these which can be unsightly.   Here are some things to consider. Brown spots are often caused by
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Is there anything to do for wrinkley, crinkley skin on the arms?
We all know what you mean!!  It's frustrating to go to the gym, lift those weights, do yoga and/or pilates and end up very strong (a great thing!!), but that skin is still not cooperating.  Okay.......if you're 25, you do
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Rodan & Fields, Veradex E Ointment and on and on.......
Okay -  let's be real.    Seems like every day there's a new product or product line claiming to be the new miracle.   And..........have you ever noticed at how quickly many of these products and sometimes entire companies disappear?     It's because
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Self-tanners and lasers - are they compatible?
Yikes -  generally you want to avoid self-tanners for at least 1-2 weeks prior to any laser procedure.  And hopefully, your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeons office is giving you instructions in your consult or written materials prior to
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If I have melasma, which products are effective and also safe during pregnancy?
You're sooooooo welcome!  I'm glad the skincare products are helpful.   You're right, of course, your melasma may get a little worse with another pregnancy, but with attention and care for your skin, you can prevent most of that. More on
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Are home LED devices effective?
There really isn't a lot of quality science/data on these.  The studies  that I've seen are small, not well controlled (pretty subjective), and usually funded by the company making the devices.  Maybe not truly impartial?  Most of my patients who've
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I'm 70 and an ironwoman - how can I look natural but less saggy and gaunt?
Wow -  that's great and I'm so impressed that you're competing at 70 in ironwoman events!!   We are all inspired by that.  If I could only get my swimming speed up over a snail's pace. :) You're right, of course, most
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Dark knees and elbows - is there a solution?
There is no miracle cure for this and plastic surgery is not advised - it would just tend to come back.   Also, have you seen your doctor to make sure you don't have psoriasis??  In some skin types psoriasis looks
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