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I built this site to provide expert, unbiased information to you (the consumer) about skin care products, lasers, injectibles and other devices. I wrote all the content, and I have no financial ties to any pharma, device or cosmetic companies. I'm board-certified in Dermatology and Internal Medicine, have published two books and been a guest expert on The Oprah Show.

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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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Do we review specific products suggested by readers in blog questions?
Dear Readers and Collegues…….I don’t do this, except very rarely, for one really good reason.    Many companies now have in house or contracted social media and “web specialists.”   Part of their job is to get their companies’ products mentioned as
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For pigment problems – in which order should you use your products?
In my opinion, below is the optimum order.  If you are using Triluma, it replaces the evening step 3 because it has tretinoin in it already.   If you are using a plain hydroquinone cream, use it between Step 2 &
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If you have a medical disease like diabetes or other problems, is it safe to have fillers done?
The good news is that for the vast majority of medical problems, there really is no interaction with hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Belotero and Restylane Lyft.   This is because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in
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What treatment would be best for wrinkles for me at 65 and my mom at 84?
I love that you’re helping your mom with this!   I do have patients in their 80s and while they don’t do a lot, they really enjoy looking at little better.   And who knows, if we’re lucky, we might live to
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Can I repair damage to the lipid layer of my skin?
It takes about 30 days after a skin injury for the outer layer (the epidermis) to repair itself.   And your skin will be dryer and more sensitive during that time.   Even products for sensitiive skin can be irritating,.    Any product
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Hyperpigmentation and Addisons. Can you be your own web doctor for skin issues?
Dear Readers -  Well ………we’ve all tried it and how successful has it been usually?    I would say generally not very ……..unless it’s a fairly simple matter like……..how long do stitches usually need to stay in.   And even that varies
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Does combining various procedures like Ulthera and Thermage make them more effective?
This really depends on WHAT you are combining.  A general rule of thumb is that combining procedures that do different things is better.   For example, injecting with  hyaluronic acid fillers to optimal volume (NOT overfilled) and combining that  with a
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Where do Restylane and other hyaluronic acid fillers go, as they go away?
There’s good news on this.  Since hyluronic acid is present in the “glue” between our skin cells naturally and in other places like joint fluid, we already have a natural enzyme that organically breaks this down slowly.    The process is
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