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I built this site to provide expert, unbiased information to you (the consumer) about skin care products, lasers, injectibles and other devices. I wrote all the content, and I have no financial ties to any cosmetic company. I'm board-certified in Dermatology, have published two books and been a guest expert on The Oprah Show. Thank you for visiting SkinTour! - Dr. I

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A collection of over 50 articles relating to Skin Care & Dermatology courtesy of Dr. Irwin. Topics cover skin care to cosmetic treatments to common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, unwanted hair, and moles. You can also use Dr. Irwin's list of great cosmetic dermatologists across the U.S. to find a good doctor in your area.
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Dr. Irwin has chosen "best in class" skin care products for you. See her choices for the best sunscreens, anti-aging products, organic products, and more.
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Dr. Irwin has no financial ties to cosmetic companies or device manufacturers. Her mission on SkinTour is to provide unbiased, expert information to consumers of cosmetic dermatology services and skin care products.
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The Anti-Aging Tour is a tool to help you identify problems and their respective treatments for specific areas of your face. The Anti-Aging Tour allows you to customize the solution to fit your personal face & skin type.

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Dr. Irwin answers questions submitted around the world on skin care, skin care products, cosmetic treatments, and dermatology issues. Find the specific questions that interest you or browse in the information provided by Dr. Irwin to SkinTour readers on the issues they care about.
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