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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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How do you know when a skincare product is causing a problem?
How DO you know?   I love your question because it's not always simple is it?   Part of the problem with figuring this out is that.....sometimes events occur together in time but aren't actually linked.    Let's say maybe you get a
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Using your name from a blog post!
Dear Skintour fans  -  My apologies on this -  I usually take out the last name if it's in a question.......but I clearly missed one.    It helps me if you just sign your first name to start with though and
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The melasma upper lip "moustache."
That dark line above the upper lip is fairly common for melasma and soooooooo annoying!  If you read the section on hydroquinones, you'll know that it's not uncommon for about 10% of people to be irritated by hydroquinones, which makes
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Do microroller systems - like the Rodan and Fields AMP system work?
I've been testing this system myself and looking at the research.........and I think there are still a lot of unanswered questions.   Here are some of them: What is best "micro needle/prong" size to get an effect?   The prongs on these systems
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Too much Voluma in the upper cheek area causing problems!
Yikes -  that sounds very unpleasant!  I'm assuming that the "sausage" problem is clearly visible when you smile and that the doctors can see it also.   Here are some things that may help and to think about: Did you show the
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Problems after a CO2 laser with scarring?
In my opinion, aestheticians and other ancillary personnel should not be using CO2 lasers.  CO2 lasers have huge potential to improve scars and wrinkles but they also have more potential than other lasers to cause problems, including scars.  The Lumenis
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Brown spots that appear after acne breakouts - what is causing these and how to treat.
I do have some ideas!   Here are some things to think about and do.  Generally: Depending on where you live, brown spots after acne are worse in the spring/summer due to the increase in UVA/UVB.   A high zinc, acne friendly sunscreen
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I'm over 50, which skin care products do I need??
Here's what I'm using and then let's talk about budget options too.   Dr. Irwin's current skin care regimen The only thing I've changed from the above, is the that I'm now using the higher zinc Dermaquest Zinclear Sunscreen (not tinted) on
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