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SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest & Hand

It’s time to start getting these areas in shape for warmer weather and styles that expose more skin!  Why?  Because it takes 4-6 months to really make a difference.  So…….start using this product nightly and wear a daily zinc containing sunscreen. Schedule your IPL/photorejuvenation laser treatments to even out those brown and red areas and don’t be self conscious about showing these areas any more.

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What is the Coolsculpting "Coolmini?"

Coolscupting is a cold based, effective fat reduction device. This new adapter head is designed to do smaller areas like the under chin fat pad.   It is also being used though in smaller areas where there isn’t enough fat for the larger adapters (plates that grab the fat to cool it).   Other locations have been the knees, upper arm fat pads, the “bra” fat on the back, smaller pockets on the abdomen or “love handles,” and the upper thighs.   About 25% of the fat is removed with each treatment.

Ask/Blog with Dr. Irwin

I truly wish I could answer every question, and I try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.
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New from the Paris Conf – Newer uses for pulsed dye lasers These have always been great lasers –  especially the now classic and still great  VBeam.    These are used primarily for problems with red and dilated blood vessels on the face and body.   As many of you know, I... Read More ›
New from the Paris Conf (IMCAS) Repairing sun damage on the arms and legs. Sun damage on the body, especially the arms and legs has been difficult to treat.   Not only is it often unsightly – blotchy brown and red – but also is the area where skin cancers and precancerous spots begin.    Treatment... Read More ›
Another problem with filler around the eyes – this time excessive bruising. I’m sad this happened to you, it’s pretty miserable until it resolves.  As you know, any filler done anywhere can cause bruising, especially around the delicate eye tissue.   But  the goal of both you as a patient and your... Read More ›
Hyaluronic acid – drink it, eat it, apply it to skin, bathe in it (jk)???? Ok – great question and for sure I don’t have all the answers but…..here’s what I do know. There is good science that a topical hyaluronic acid (HA) preparation that is mostly HA is beneficial in maintaining better skin hydration... Read More ›
When should a skin growth be checked? This is IMPORTANT!   People die in this country almost every day (and worldwide also) from melanoma – a deadly form of skin cancer.   It is completely curable if caught early and often fatal if caught later. Soooooo…….if you have a... Read More ›
Dear readers – I’m hearing about LOTS of problems around the eye area so I’ll address more this month. Here’s an example. For the first post on this, I want to say that even for experts, treating around the eye area with a hyaluronic acid filler is tricky and often difficult to get a really good cosmetic result.  Also, please remember, this... Read More ›
A good tip from a make up artist regarding covering bruising! I saw that someone asked for a recommendation for good makeup that will cover bruising and could not see anywhere to answer. I am a makeup artist and have many clients who have various procedures done and I also am... Read More ›
If a laser treatment leaves permanent marks, like a grid pattern, is there any treatment? I know this is going to sound really weird but…………often the best treatment is a second laser treatment with a similar laser.   I know you’re thinking………what????  Has she lost her mind?   But here’s why and just maybe find a different/better... Read More ›