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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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What do you do if you think a treatment didn't work?
Dear Readers -  This is always an awkward situation isn't it, because you're frustrated at spending time and money on something where you don't perceive a difference.   I think there is a way to have a cordial, honest conversation
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What's going on with men and "red necks?"
This is actually where the term "red neck" came from because it is literally a red neck associated with sun exposure and outdoor occupuations and lifestyles.   Men suffer from it more than women because they wear their hair shorter generally,
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Can a Sculptra nodule/bump be dissolved or do they have to be surgically removed?
Unfortunately, there are still a lot of questions and problems out there in the aesthetic universe on this one.    I will be honest here.   In over 10 years of using a lot of Sculptra, I have only had to remove
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What to do when a tear trough (eye area) injection causes pouches or "festoons?"
Okay...........I have to respectfully disagree here.   Please have your nurse injector read this, if possible.    In general, if you didn't have the "festoons" before the injections, the injections are causing the festoons.    If the "festoons" get worse after a treatment,
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Extreme sun! How can I protect myself?
The sun - especially at mid day at the equator - is brutal.   A sunscreen like the one above while good for every day use in temperate climates is NOT enough for use at the equator on a boat.  This
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What about combination products and web based skincare products??
Whoa -   I'm "smelling a rat" on this one.   First of all, it's very difficult, if not impossible to combine these actives and NOT inactivate them.   Also, if the concentrations were truly what they say ..........wow, most people would get
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Tinosorb and other sunscreens from Europe - are they better or the same?
It's true that Europe has many more chemical sunscreens that are approved for use in the EU.  And all of these, to my knowledge, are chemical sunscreens ...........as opposed to mineral based sunscreens like zinc and titanium. I really wish our
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Can alcohol affect your filler treatment - like Juvederm in the lips?
The answer to this is no!   A little alcohol the night before a treatment may make you bleed a little more, but bleeding itself doesn't affect the amount, placement or effect of the hyaluronic gel filler.    Bleeding can definately cause
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